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Have you ever been to a wedding where there is an air of excitement, a buzz, the bride and groom look stunning as they make their way towards the softly-lit dance floor? The band takes up their instruments and launches into the melodic intro of a popular Frank Sinatra song. The guests watch with bated breath as the dashing new husband whirls his beautiful new wife under his arm and then holds her close...

And that's it. As the vocals start, the couple shifts from foot to foot, giggling nervously and having the occasional smooch. No fabulous moves, no dips, no spins. Oh, how disappointing! Obviously, there have been no dance lessons for this bridal team - they have been too busy worrying about the "other" details of the wedding. Where is the excitement and thrill of the Wedding Dance - the first dance as husband and wife?

I know I may be biased, but I think that the Wedding Dance is just as important a tradition as the Speeches, the Cake Cutting and the Bouquet Throwing. A well-executed Wedding Dance will provide you and your guests with long lasting and inspirational memories, great photo opportunities and video footage. It will be well worth the effort you have put into learning and rehearsing it.

My name is Julie Adams and I am the owner and principal teacher of The Wedding Dance Company. The idea of The Wedding Dance Company came to me after several years of teaching many different types of dance students. I began to realise that my greatest fulfillment came from teaching wedding couples for their first Wedding Dance because it enabled me to combine my love of teaching beginners with my flair for creativity, and my enjoyment in helping people to achieve their goals.

Having dance lessons with your husband or wife-to-be, can be a great way to spend quality time with your partner. It can also provide some light relief from the stress of organising a wedding. And the end result will be very satisfying. Common feedback that I get from my students is how much fun they had during their lessons and practice, and how impressed their guests were with their First Dance.

After many years of running The Wedding Dance Company, we are now offering a learn from home package, as we often see couples who are struggling to fit in lessons with their conflicting work schedules, etc.

The Wedding Dance Home Package is a customised wedding dance package that includes your chosen song edited to suit your dance requirements, an overview of your customised wedding dance routine, step-by-step choreography and a guide to proper technique.

It is important to note that although learning at home is very convenient, it may also prove challenging as you do not have the teacher present to assist you and provide constructive feedback. We have therefore aimed the Wedding Dance Home Package at couples who only require a short and fairly simple routine. Your routine ideally should be no longer than about 2 minutes. There is no minimum time required. We will edit your music to suit the length of your routine. If you do not want to cut the music, it can be left in its entirety, in which case a repeat/s of the routine can be performed, or you can have others join you on the dancefloor to the same track.

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