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Wedding Dance

4, 5 or 6 lesson packs
•Personalised choreography to suit your song
Music Editing

4 pack = $295
5 pack = $365
6 pack =$435

Wedding Dance Lessons
A Wedding Dance lesson is 1 hour in duration and costs $80.
Lessons can be paid for as you go or you can book a package
of lessons where pre-payment is required.
In either case, your first lesson will
include a general discussion on music and dance styles suitable for your wedding, and/or an analysis
of your chosen wedding dance music. We will show you the various dance styles that will suit your music and discuss these options with you. We will also discuss with you the size of your dancefloor, the length of time you would like to be featured, the layout of the room or venue in relation to your entrance onto the dancefloor, and all other relevant wedding dance details. Once all of that is discussed, we will start you on some basic steps to take home and practise in time for your next lesson.

Wedding Dance Packages
Private lessons are available in packs of 4, 5 or 6 one hour lessons.
4 pack = $295
5 pack = $365
6 pack = $435

Wedding Dance Home Package
The Wedding Dance Home Package is customised wedding dance choreography that goes with your chosen song and includes step-by-step instructions, a guide to proper technique and music editing.
Included in this package is your edited music on CD, a DVD which includes a video of your complete routine, plus a breakdown of the routine into individual steps and technique. This package is designed to provide everything you need to learn and practise your wedding dance in the privacy of your own home. If however, you find that you still need a private lesson or two with a teacher,
these can be booked and paid for separately.
The Wedding Dance Home Package costs $435.
You will need to provide us with your music.

Email us at
to get your home package started.
Please allow 4 weeks for the preparation of your package.
See a sample routine that we have put together for one of our couples.
Wedding Dance Cha Cha

Group Lessons
If extra people, other than the bridal couple, attend any lessons, there will be a $5 per person per lesson surcharge. Please discuss with us
prior to booking.

Music Editing
you require music editing to alter your song to suit your wedding dance, or to your specific requirements, we charge a fee of $20 for single track editing, or $30 for multi-track editing. This includes converting and copying the file/s to a suitable format and medium for your reception.

*Prices effective from 1st July 2018
*Wedding Dance Package prices are applicable to one couple only and do not include extra persons. Ask us for a quote if wanting to book a package for group lessons.

Wedding Dance
Home Package

Learn at home!

•DVD includes your own
wedding dance routine,
Step by step instructions,
Explanation of basic
Music Editing and CD

Home Pack = $435