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With Ease Yoga & Dance

You can now book a pre-wedding, stress-busting, couple’s yoga session
at With Ease Yoga & Dance, which is our sister business.
You don't need to have had dance lessons with us.
This is a great way to relax before your Big Day.

Often, the last few weeks leading up to your wedding can be hectic and stressful.
A pre-wedding couple’s yoga session is designed to put you both
into a calm state of mind and ease the nerves which can hinder your
enjoyment of your special day.

Yoga will enhance your connection, bring a sense of unity to your partnership
and increase your awareness of yourself and each other.

Yoga helps you to be mindful, present and fully able to
appreciate every special moment.

It can even help you dance better as your body will be more supple and,
with a calm mind, you will be better able to focus on your wedding dance routine!

A couple’s yoga session is $80.
Or, alternatively, if your partner is not available,
individual yoga sessions ($70) are also available to help with stress relief.
Email Julie at