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and Happy Flow Yoga & Wellness

You can now book a pre-wedding, stress-busting, couple’s yoga session
with Happy Flow Yoga & Wellness, which is our sister business.
You don't need to have had dance lessons with us.
This is a great way to relax before your Big Day.
Often, the last few weeks leading up to your wedding can be hectic and stressful.
A pre-wedding couple’s yoga session is designed to put you both
into a calm state of mind and ease the nerves which can hinder
your enjoyment of your special day.
It will enhance your connection, bring a sense of unity to your partnership
and increase your awareness of yourself and each other.
Yoga helps you to be mindful, present and fully able to appreciate every special moment!

A couple’s yoga session is $80.
Or, alternatively, if your partner is not available,
individual yoga sessions ($70) are also available to help with stress relief.
Email Julie at